Why You Need Dental Care for Your Pet at Your Doorstep

The entire quality of life of your pet is closely correlated with proper dental care. Dental disease is one of the most prevalent medical issues that veterinarians face in both cats and dogs. You can trust that your pet is in excellent hands at Fetch A Vet when it comes time for teeth cleaning since our team has extensive expertise in taking care of Dental Care For Your Pets.

The first sign of dental illness is an accumulation of germs in your pet's mouth. Plaque can build up on teeth as a result of bacteria, saliva, and food particles and even become tartar as calcium salts are accumulated on it. Plaque and tartar accumulation cause periodontal disease, which harms the tissues and structures supporting the teeth if sufficient preventative or treatment is not provided. Dental discomfort, tooth loss, and even heart or kidney issues can be brought on by periodontal disease.

Signs of dental disease:

  • Breath that stinks
  • Teeth that are cracked, fractured, or loose
  • Teeth discoloration
  • Mouth swelling
  • Chewing or eating difficulty or discomfort
  • Gums that are red or inflamed

Please schedule a home visit with one of our veterinarians at Fetch A Vet if your pet is displaying any of these symptoms of dental disease. Your pet's teeth may be saved by early detection and intervention!

To ensure that your pet receives the finest care possible, our dental treatments are extremely thorough and involve several processes. Plaque and tartar are removed from a dog's or cat's teeth during a dental cleaning, and the condition of the entire mouth is examined. Your pet may be given anesthesia. We examine your pet's oral cavity while he or she is under anesthesia, clean their teeth, and administer any necessary dental or oral treatments. Good dental hygiene goes beyond the actual process. In addition to giving you advice for a home dental care program, Fetch A Vet informs you about the procedure.

We at Fetch A Vet are delighted to be able to provide dental care for pets such as teeth cleaning services at a pet owner's residence since we take dental care very seriously. There is simply no need for your pet to enter a hospital and wait for its surgery in a cage. Additionally, there is no need for them to awaken by themselves in the same cage as they wait for you to take them up. Your pet is completely assured to receive individualized care during the whole experience and treatment at our mobile veterinary clinic, which is equipped with all the most cutting-edge technology your normal stationary veterinarian possesses.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries concerning dental care or expert cleaning. In Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, Okatie, Hardeeville, Beaufort County, and Ridgeland, advanced dental care is offered by the full-service mobile animal hospital Fetch A Vet Mobile Animal Hospital. Regular dental examinations are an essential part of overall health and maintaining your pet's teeth and gums clean helps prevent oral illness.