Why You Should Get Your Pets Tested at Home

Before starting any treatment for a sick or injured pet, it's important to identify the underlying cause of the condition or assess the severity of the injury. It can be challenging to diagnose, let alone cure, a pet based just on observation and physical examination because many illnesses and other health issues in pets have symptoms that are extremely similar. Proper diagnostic testing is vital when it comes to administering remedies to sick or wounded pets in a safe and efficient manner.

When performing pet wellness tests, diagnosing conditions or diseases, and providing surgical and critical care, a mobile veterinary diagnostic laboratory is a significant asset, since a pet who needs their services will be more cooperative and less stressed at home. Choosing a mobile veterinarian that offers a wide range of diagnostic tests that can be performed in the comfort of your own home will surely bring your pet a lot of relief.

Why Does My Pet Need Diagnostic Tests?

Injury Evaluations

Diagnostic imaging techniques including digital x-rays and ultrasound are usually used when determining the severity of an injury and the best course of therapy.

Parasite Inspection

We conduct internal fecal testing to look for evidence of intestinal parasites in pets, and routine blood tests to look for heartworm in animals. Before giving a pet any heartworm preventatives, a heartworm test must be performed.

Identifying a Disease

In addition to assessing your pet's health and looking for symptoms that could point to systemic illness, we frequently use blood tests and urinalyses to test for particular communicable diseases. Additionally, ultrasounds are also helpful when making medical diagnoses.

Routine Health Examination

We may recommend routine laboratory tests in puppies, kittens, senior pets, and pets with chronic health conditions to screen for the earliest symptoms of illness and to monitor their health. This ensures early illness detection and prompt treatment, which will make it more effective.

Why Choose A Mobile Vet?

Taking your pet to see a veterinarian is not an easy task, and for many pet owners, it can be even more difficult when their furry friend is hurt or feeling under the weather and won’t cooperate. This process requires a lot of planning, time, and transportation, which won’t always go smoothly and will make your pet more stressed or anxious. A Mobile Veterinary provides an excellent alternative in which you can schedule an appointment, and they will arrive at your front door to tend to your pet.


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