Protect Your Pets And Keep Your Home Clean During Flea Season

The warmer weather brings with it one thing every pet owner dislikes—flea season. While flea season may be a nuisance, there are steps you can take to protect your home and pets from these pesky critters. Take a look at these helpful tips you can use to make sure your pet and your home stay flea-free!

Spot Treatment For Pets

The most important step in protecting your pet from fleas is to make sure to treat them with spot treatments every month. Spot treatments are effective products that will keep fleas off of your pet. It is important to follow the instructions on the packaging when applying such treatments, as they need time to start working properly. If you’re unsure about which treatment is best for your pet, Fetch A Vet in Bluffton can provide advice and assistance.

Bathe Your Pet Frequently

One of the best ways to get rid of existing fleas on your pet is by giving them regular baths with warm water and an anti-flea shampoo specifically made for pets. This will help remove any existing eggs or larvae on their fur that may have been left behind from previous infestations. It will also provide a protective barrier against future infestations. You should bathe your pet at least once every two weeks during peak flea season, but you can do it more frequently if needed. Be sure to consult with the experts at Fetch A Vet in Bluffton if you need advice on what products are best for treating fleas on pets.

Vacuuming and Cleaning

Regular vacuuming and cleaning are essential when it comes to keeping fleas away from your home. Vacuums should be used often in carpets and upholstery, paying special attention to areas where pets spend a lot of time sleeping or playing. Areas where pets frequent should also be cleaned often with a mild detergent solution or a product specifically designed for killing fleas. Keep an eye out for any signs of flea activity, such as small white eggs or dark granules that look like pepper in areas where animals sleep or rest; this could indicate an infestation is present.

Yard Maintenance

Finally, maintaining your yard is key when it comes to protecting against flea season. Keeping grass cut short and weeds pulled will make it easier to spot signs of infestations before they become serious problems. Additionally, make sure any outdoor drinking sources are kept clean as standing water can attract unwanted guests such as mosquitoes that can also bring along other parasites like heartworms, which can be dangerous for both cats and dogs alike. 

Flea season doesn’t have to be a big nuisance every year! By taking the proper steps to keep your home and pet safe beforehand, you will be able to enjoy the warmer weather with no worries. By treating your pets with spot treatments, routinely vacuuming and cleaning areas where animals frequent inside the house, and taking care of your yard by mowing the grass and pulling weeds regularly, pet owners will have peace of mind knowing their furry family members are safe from fleas. If you need help protecting your pet against fleas this season, give Fetch A Vet in Bluffton a call today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.