How To Prepare Your Pet To Get Vaccinated in Bluffton, SC

The development of vaccines has saved the lives of countless pets across the years. Vaccinations are the single best solution to prevent diseases in pets. We are committed to working with our clients and patients to make your wellness appointments as comfortable and stress-free as possible.


It can be extremely useful to prepare a list of questions prior to your appointment. Whether you have questions about the vaccines or anything else regarding your pet’s health, we are here to help.


Pet vaccines are classified into two types: core and noncore. A core vaccine is one that all pets, regardless of lifestyle, require, and there are only two: rabies and the distemper combination. Noncore vaccines are those that are given based on the lifestyle of the individual pet.


Make sure your pet is clean and brushed prior to getting vaccinated.


Make sure your pet is on a leash to keep them close to you. Leashes ensure that your pets can be easily managed if they become agitated. Small dogs can be held in your arms, but they should still be on a leash in case they manage to jump out of your embrace. Another option is to put them in a carrier to prevent them from fleeing.‍


Having treats handy during your pet's veterinary appointment can help to keep them occupied, resulting in a far more positive and beneficial experience.


If your pet finds veterinarian appointments stressful, ensure you have their favorite toys or blanket nearby to reduce their stress levels and make them feel more secure and at ease.


Choose a convenient time so you can relax for your pet and in case it takes longer than expected.

Taking extra precautions to prepare your pet for their vaccine appointment will help to ensure the best possible experience. The Fetch A Vet team is delighted to offer services that will keep your pets happy and healthy. If you need more information on how to prepare your pet for vaccination, please call us today!