Benefits of using a Mobile Veterinarian for your Pet in Bluffton

People who have a pet will admit that pets are like family to them, yet taking them to the veterinarian can often be a stressful experience for everyone concerned. Regular visits to your veterinarian for both preventative and emergency treatment are required in order to give our pets long, happy, and healthy lives. It's an invaluable asset for Veterinarians to be able to observe a pet living normally in its own surroundings, seeing what it eats and how it interacts with its owners and other animals.

Because mobile veterinarians in Bluffton can spend more time with pets in their homes, they are able to take the time needed to analyze an animal in a low-stress setting which also results in a more productive exam for the veterinarian, since they will be able to see the pets normal behavior, temperature, and living circumstances. 

Did you know that 23% of pet owners avoid taking their dogs to the veterinary center because it is too stressful for both their pets and them? Are you also experiencing this?  Many pet owners are exhausted by the time it takes to get their cat or dog into the car, and then watch them exhaust themselves while driving to the veterinarian's office. However, with a mobile veterinarian in Bluffton, you will save time commuting to and from the veterinarian's office, and booking an appointment for your pets is both affordable and easy. The best thing is that if you have numerous pets, you just have to pay one trip price.

And if that wasn’t enough reasons to choose a mobile veterinarian in Bluffton, here is a list of more benefits of using one:

  • Reduced illness exposure from other pets in a clinic
  • Convenience
  • Time-saving
  • No more battling traffic.
  • You and your pet will be less stressed.
  • Ideal for homes with many pets.
  • There will be no waiting rooms.
  • There will be no cleaning up pet hair or vomit from your vehicle.
  • No lifting large pets in your vehicle.
  • Ideal for Senior pets and their owners.

The Fetch A Vet team members are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources to make the veterinary visit enjoyable for everyone involved, you can be assured that your pet’s emotional wellbeing will be front and center.

How Fetch a Vet Mobile Veterinary Services Can Help

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